Dr. Carol Penn, DO, MA, ABOM, FACOFP • MMA ’19 • Top Salesperson of the Year ’19 • Speaker of the Year ’19 • Prestige ’20 & ’21 • Faculty Medical Moguls Academy

Becoming a real authentic medical mogul goes beyond leaning the tools of the trade of business in the 21st century.  Yes, you will have to master the fundamentals of business but to create and sustain your medical mogul business and lifestyle you must learn, cultivate and ultimately master certain states of being in mind, body, and spirit.  You must cultivate the mindset and execution of peak performance. 

To be a successful medical mogul in the Medical Mogul Academy and to prepare for the next levels of Mastermind and Prestige, you must also cultivate and master the concept of being a part of community as a tool of transformation and exponential growth.