What You will Learn:

1.  Knowing your purpose in life and how to walk in your purpose in life in everything and I mean absolutely everything that you do.

2.  Marrying purpose to vision/mission and Brand Story

3.  Creating business that matter

4.  Peak Performance and the 7 figure  state of mind:

5.  The development of optimal states

  • A) Cultivating attitudes that potential optimal states
  • B) Zone of optimal functioning
  • C) Practices to develop the right level of energy
  • D)Dealing with imbalanced energy states and distracting thoughts
  • E) Enhancing clarity of mind

6.  Compassion toward self and others

7.  Living a 10+ Life in the 12 areas of Life that matter most

8.  Tools of Transformation: The Must Have Tool Box for the Medical Mogul( Meditation, Movement, Mindset, Guided Imagery, Visualization, Journaling, Forgiveness, Mindful Eating, Dialogue with a Symptom, The Three Drawings, Autogenics, Genograms, Spirituality)

9. Monday Morning Take-Aways for Personal and Professional Application

10.  Overcoming the evil twins of Perfectionism and Procrastination


A). Didactic Lecture:  Attend 1 (2.5 hour lecture per month), your attendance then allows you the privilege of watching the 1 hour pre-recorded CME lecture and then being eligible for CME

B) Practicum or Lab:  These lectures (1 hour) are pre-recorded and this is how participants will get their CME

C) Medical Mogul Mindset Office Hours:  Mondays: 12-3 by appointment only

Homework every month will include pre/post questions that relate to the live lectures that must be completed prior to listening to the pre-recorded lectures.